Научно-технический журнал "Автоматика и программная инженерия"

Common information

The Journal is published in electronic form and also in the paper form.

The Access to the journal in electronic form - free full text in Russian, free access to Content, Names, abstracts, key words, references and information about authors including e-meal and position. The Journal is available as a whole or as separate articles in the forms of pdf-file.

Full-text free access to the papers in English can be given by the e-mail request.

The Journal Languages are English and Russian.

Science review of the papers is anonymous.

Name, information about the authors, abstract, keywords, and the literature cited must be presented by the authors at least in English.

Publication in the Journal is free for any author.

Name of the Journal in English: “Automatics & Software Enginery”.

Editorial Board accepts articles in electronic form only.

The papers of authors from Russia must be accompanied by an expert conclusion about the possibility of open publishing in Russia.

The Editorial Board has the right to request the author's agreement: declaration of all authors with their addresses that they are the full list of the author, they agree with the publication, they agree with the open publication of the information about all authors; this declaration should be signed by all authors. We allowed providing this document in the form of a color scan-copy.

Electronic files of the submitted papers are sufficient for the publications. We ask the authors not to send us papers variants of the papers if we will not ask for them. Any papers including papers of the manuscripts sent as hardcopies will not be returned.

Manuscripts submitted in paper form only (without the electronic version), as a rule, are not published, but the editors have the right to make exceptions to this rule for manuscripts of particular interest.